Bosch Episode Ten: Us And Them – Steve Cavanagh Wraps it Up

The final episode of Bosch turns out to be as unusual as the whole series, focusing on Bosch the man and not just on the big showdown. For the LAPD, the solution to the crime is the man himself.

No spoilers this time! This is an episode that should be enjoyed cold, as it stands as a benchmark episode for the series.


Let me explain.

If you’ve watched episode nine, you’ll know that there isn’t too much to be cleared up here. There are small threads which have to be tied up, and so they are – but this last chapter is a microcosm of the series. Most TV series keep the final, electrifying moments to the last episode, with only a small scene in the aftermath of the battle to let us know that our hero has put the bad guy down and all is right with the world again.

That’s not real life. And that’s not Bosch.



This is a character piece – a series that follows the man as much as the crimes that haunt him and drive him. I thought this was a brave, necessary and perfectly weighted forty-five minutes to end the first series of Bosch. More than any other episode, this one stands out for how unique and unusual this first season has been. I doubt this final chapter would’ve been filmed if the series was going out on regular television. Now I see the attraction of the format and how suited it is to the character.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching Bosch as much as I have. I know Mason Cross has had a blast. In case you didn’t know, we’re both Michael Connelly fans. I guess if watching this series is your first taste of Bosch, well, now you’re a Michael Connelly fan too.

So do yourself a favour and get into the books. They’re right there, waiting for you. Mason and I will be here too, waiting for the second season.

All that’s left to say is congratulations to the whole team behind Bosch, and especially to Titus Welliver and Michael Connelly for bringing the man to life.


OK, so, your final verdict on the Amazon TV Bosch series? Are you too eagerly waiting for Season Two? Leave us a comment, below!

Steve Cavanagh was born and raised in Belfast before leaving for Dublin at the age of eighteen to study law. He currently practises civil rights law, and in 2010 he represented a factory worker who suffered racial abuse in the workplace, and won the largest award of damages for race discrimination in Northern Ireland’s legal history. His first novel, The Defence, is published by Orion in March 2015. Find out more on Steve’s website.

Michael Connelly’s latest Harry Bosch book is The Burning Room, available from Orion.