Criminal Minds

This week, we bring you the first in an occasional series of links to some of the brilliant bloggers who grace the world of crime fiction. Read on for an exciting, more in-depth perspective on four very different authors, including one of our contemporary novelists.

Peter Rozovsky writes about Bill James, ‘the best prose stylist who has ever written crime fiction in English’ and his Harpur and Iles series on the Detectives Beyond Borders blog.

You can read about J. J. Connington’s Murder in the Maze at In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel. The novel comes ‘highly recommended’.

Read ‘a love letter to the work of John Dickson Carr’, master of the locked-room mystery, on the Bloody Murder blog.

And over at Pretty Sinister Books the ‘borderline sociopath’ Johnnie Slade, anti-hero of P. M. Hubbard’s A Hive of Glass, is  brilliantly deconstructed.