Linwood Barclay’s Xmas Recommends

Christmas is almost here! If you’re still struggling for those last few books, top thriller writer Linwood Barclay is here to tell us what he would like to see under Christmas trees this year.


If I hadn’t already read the following books, and you wanted to buy me something for Christmas, I would want these. But since I have already read them, I would recommend you buy them for someone else. I’ll just go without.


Light of the World by James Lee Burke

 Light of the World


I don’t know how he does it. How does anyone turn out a book this rich, this powerful, this beautifully written – not to mention this long – every year? Burke has written enough great novels that he’d be entitled to coast now, but he’s working at the top of his game, writing some of his most ambitious works.


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

 Doctor Sleep


Ditto. In the last few years, King has written, among other things, this terrific sequel to The Shining, and 11/22/63, about going back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination. Both epic works. (And, full disclosure, Doctor Sleep contains an ‘Easter egg’ reference to Whirl 360, the fictitious website featured in my novel Trust Your Eyes, but I would have loved this book anyway.)


Gulp by Mary Roach



Roach is not only one of the best science writers on the planet, she is without a doubt the funniest. An entire book about the digestive system. Yes, that’s correct. A whole book about guts and stuff. Riveting, informative, and absolutely  hilarious. Also, kind of disgusting.


The Double by George Pelecanos

 The Double


Tough guy-for-hire Spero Lucas returns for another outing, this time to recover a valuable painting. Brutal, exciting, and elegantly written. Pelecanos is one of my favourite writers of modern noir. 


Watching You by Michael Robotham

 Watching You


A clever, creepy thriller about a woman who finds that all those who have ever wronged her are coming to unpleasant ends. Robotham continues to write intricately plotted books that are rich with character. I really care about these people.      


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