Longmire – Western Mysteries

Now available in The Murder Room is the New York Times bestselling Walt Longmire series by Craig Johnson, published for the first time in the UK.


Fans of C. J. Box will love Johnson’s amiable small-town detective Walt Longmire – a traditional ‘tall in the saddle’ hero. The series is an ode to rural Wyoming, with its small-town focus breeding comfort and disquiet in equal measure, and Johnson’s lyrical prose truly does justice to his setting.

The series opens with an ageing Walt looking forward to retirement in The Cold Dish, until the murder of a man convicted for raping a Native American girl dashes his hopes of a quiet life.

The murders continue in Absaroka County, and Longmire investigates cases such as those of an old Basque woman who may have been more than just friends with the previous sheriff in Death Without Company and, in Hell Is Empty, accompanies a sociopathic killer to the location of a murdered boy’s body – a boy with a closer connection to Walt than our protagonist realises.

A feature of Johnson’s novels is the diversity of cultures; incorporating alongside the white American and indigenous people a wide variety of ethnic minorities, he has created, in his inimitable style, a brilliant ensemble cast. Alongside Longmire are his Native American friend Henry Standing Bear, his acid-tongued deputy Victoria Morretti, and Walt’s daughter Cady, his only remaining family following the death of his wife.

Now in its ninth instalment with The Serpent’s Tale, the Walt Longmire series has been critically lauded and has won a variety of crime awards, among which The Dark Horse was named one of Publishers Weekly‘s best books of 2009, Junkyard Dogs won the Watson Award for a mystery novel with the best sidekick, and Hell Is Empty, selected by Library Journal as the Best Mystery of the Year, was a New York Times bestseller, as was As the Crow Flies.

The critical and commercial success of the books has resulted in the televised adaption Longmire, starring Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips and Katee Sackhoff. Garnering positive reviews, Longmire has entered its third season. Viewers in the UK can watch the second season Tuesdays at 9 on 5USA.

Wait for Signs, Craig Johnson’s latest collection of short stories featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire, is coming soon to The Murder Room.

Craig Johnson himself lives in Ucross, Wyoming . . . population 25.