Margaret Murphy reveals A. D. Garrett research

A. D. Garrett, the pen name of The Murder Room author Margaret Murphy and Professor Dave Barclay, reveals the research that was undertaken while writing Believe No One.


 Believe No One


Believe No One, the sequel to the bestselling Everyone Lies, centres around Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms and forensic expert Professor Nick Fennimore in their pursuit of a serial killer targeting young mothers, a spree spanning two continents and two decades.

Written under the pseudonym A. D. Garrett, Believe No One is a collaborative effort between celebrated crime writer Margaret Murphy and Professor Dave Barclay, en expert in forensic science. The two have written a blog detailing their research, covering meth addiction, homicide investigations, autopsies and forensic science, and the prosecution process.

Encompassing all the elements that came together to create Believe No One, it is a must-read for fans of forensic detective novels.

Read A. D. Garrett’s research blog here.

Margaret Murphy has six titles published by The Murder Room. Read her writing here.