Q&A with Stav Sherez on Harrogate

We pitch our fiendish Harrogate questions to Eleven Days author Stav Sherez.


Eleven Days 


What’s your favourite thing about Harrogate?

Hanging out on the lawn. Talking with fans. Talking with other crime writers. Long hot days and longer, wilder nights. Realising everyone goes through the same stuff you do. Realising that there are people who actually like your books. Seeing old friends and making new ones. Savage hangovers and that feeling of being a teenager again, staying up all night, discussing books under starlight.


What are you looking forward to most at Harrogate?

The above.


Who are you looking forward to seeing most at Harrogate?

Terry Hayes − I Am Pilgrim was one of the best debut novels I’ve read for years − but the fun of Harrogate is you never know in advance which panels are going to be the ones everybody’s going to be talking about.


What will you be reading while you’re at Harrogate?

If you have time to read while you’re there, you’re not doing it right.  


Your top Harrogate tip

Get all your sleep in before you go.


What you can’t leave home without for Harrogate

Nurofen Plus and an espresso machine.


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Stav Sherez is the author of the Carrigan and Miller series as well as two standalones. Eleven Days is out now.