Read an Extract of Francis Selwyn’s Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman

In recognition of our Historical Crime month, The Murder Room will be offering downloadable extracts of selected authors. Today we feature our book of the month, Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman by Francis Selwyn.

William Clarence Verity is a sergeant in Scotland Yard’s ‘Private Clothes Detail’. His beat is the underworld of Victorian London − a seething maze of alleys and bordellos peopled with sneak thieves, thugs, murderers and their doxies.

From far-off Bengal there comes to Verity a tantalising hint of major crime in the making. Despite his superiors’ instructions, Verity determines to run the plotters down. And there begins a battle between Verity’s sturdy resolve and the devilish cunning of his unseen adversary: Lieutenant Verney Dacre, retired officer of cavalry, woman-beater and gentleman cracksman.

The stakes are Verity’s career − indeed, his freedom − and half a ton of bullion.

Read an extract of Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman here.