The Best Upcoming TV Crime Drama

Sherlock (Season 3) – BBC 1


The hotly anticipated third season of BBC’s Sherlock is going to air on New Year’s Day, hopefully answering the question of what happened on that roof. But as Martin Freeman himself has said, ‘There’s something slightly mundane in knowing the truth of a thing’. Never mind: the slick, modern-day take on Conan Doyle will continue to be brilliant, no doubt about it.


True Detective – Sky Atlantic

True Detective sees another large screen to small screen migration for two Hollywood heavyweights. Following in the footsteps of Kevin Spacey (and Kevin Bacon), Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are poised to star in upcoming HBO crime drama True Detective. Set in New Orleans over a span of seventeen years, the series sees our A-list detectives attempt to hunt down a serial killer who continues to evade capture. The trailer is great. The cast is phenomenal. And the plot gives an interesting twist to the pursuit narrative by utilising numerous timelines. Definitely one to watch.


The Following – Sky Atlantic

The second season of The Following is set to hit in January. If you watched any of the first season, you’ll know that this show is TERRIFYING. It’s the story of a murderous mastermind played by James Purefoy and the hasbeen, drunk FBI agent who captured him ten years ago (Kevin Bacon). Purefoy has used his charm and charisma (of which he has plenty) to create a murderous cult. The members of the cult carry out Purefoy’s evil plans while he sits behind bars, baiting the cops and his ex-wife. It’s a great concept and well pulled off (although, for me, the constant Poe allegory was a bit trying). The tension is almost unbearable – you can’t trust a single character; any of them could be ‘followers’. Season one ended (and started) with lots of stabbing. Don’t watch before bed.


Mob City – Fox UK

The LAPD, the 1940s, the Mob and a guest appearance from Simon Pegg – what’s not to love? Based on real-life accounts of the LAPD, TNT’s new noir crime drama follows the decades-long battle between a police chief and a mob figure. Looks like a winner.


The Blacklist – Sky Living

For me, the first few episodes of The Blacklist were too controlled, too neat, and none of the characters was asking the right questions. But then the creepy web of deception started to close in and it became riveting TV. We’re at a mid-season break at the moment, with more episodes to come in the new year.


Banshee – Sky Atlantic

The second season airs in the US in January. Banshee is over-the-top, hyper-violent, unpredictable and just really good TV. You have bad guys galore, characters to cheer for, brilliant fight scenes, great relationships and a plot that keeps twisting. It’s also written by our very own Jonathan Tropper (author of This is Where I Leave You, among others).